5 Buses Hijacked By Al-Shabaab

  • Five buses were on Tuesday ambushed by Suspected Al-Shabaab militants along Garsen- Lamu road at Nyongoro.

    Two police who were escorting the vehicles were shot and injured during the attack.

    Earlier on Sunday, The Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) destroyed six Al-Shabaab transit camps in Boni Forest.

    Security reports indicated that a number of militants were killed during the operation and several weapons were recovered.

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    Boni Enclave Campaign director Joseph Kanyiri confirmed the attack adding that the camps were used as a planning base for terrorist attacks.

    “They were camps formed by the terrorists as they planned to conduct attacks in various parts of Lamu," stated Mr Kanyiri.

    He further disclosed that AK-47 rifles, grenade-making tools, food, and medicine were recovered from the camps.

    It is reported that some militants escaped with bullet wounds and Kanyiri asked hospitals in the surrounding areas to report anyone seeking treatment for such wounds.

    Earlier reports showed that Ahmed Iman aka Kimanthi, who is believed to be one of the leaders of Al Shabaab militants in Kenya is on the run.

    Kimanthi has often appeared in several videos mocking Kenyan troops in Somalia but sources indicated that he fell out with commanders of the militia group who want him killed.

    It is reported that he wants to surrender to Kenyan forces and get amnesty.

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