Prostitution Banned in Nairobi

Nairobi County Ward Representatives have unanimously passed a law prohibiting commercial sex work in the Capital.

The Members of County Assembly (MCAs) debated and adopted a strongly worded motion put forward by Woodley Kenyatta Golf Course MCA Mwangi Njihia.

"I am deeply concerned that this business is today happening rampantly and openly within our communities without repercussions on the offenders as provided for in law; this Assembly urges the Executive to move with speed and robustly enforce the provisions of the law to deter commercial sex in the County," Mr Njihia proposed.

[caption caption="Nairobi County Assembly Speaker Beatrice Elachi during a session"][/caption]

Capital News reports that the motion was seconded by ODM nominated MCA Mellab Atema who argued that the practice has endangered young children.

"We need to plan on how to get those involved in this business back to the society and rehabilitate them, however how hard it may seem, we have to act," the MCA added.

She further outlined that street urchins have been drawn into the vice and even beg for money with which they enlist the "services" of sex workers.

The Nairobi MCAs also exposed popular brothels, around Hurlingham and Yaya Centre areas, that operate under the guise of specialised massage parlours.

Imara Daima MCA Kennedy Obura argued that prostitution crops up at local pubs where there are no age restrictions for those who are allowed to enter.

He also blamed poor parenting for the prevalence of the now outlawed practice.

"Everything is digitized, parents who are at work are not aware of what their children back at home are accessing on the internet. As a parent it is my responsibility to enlighten my children on what is right and what is wrong. Morally upbringing is very important," the MCA stated.

The Penal Code in Kenya only prohibits men and women from living wholly or partly on earnings or from soliciting money through commercial sex work.

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