Ford Kenya Official Takes NASA to Court

  • A Ford Kenya official on Wednesday moved to court to challenge the list of nominees to the East African Legislature (EALA) submitted by the National Super Alliance (NASA).

    The Party Secretary General Yasser Ali Sheikh complained that the Opposition list neither consists a nominee from Ford Kenya nor a member from the coast region.

    He also argued that his name was maliciously deleted from the list submitted to the National Assembly clerk Michael Sialai.

    The Secretary General stated that there was no legal basis on the part of the opposition leaders and the clerks of parliament to publish the list of nominated candidates.

    [caption caption="Yasser Ali Sheikh at a past event"][/caption]

    “In failing to take into consideration the inclusion of a member from one of its coalition partners amounts to an act of impunity on the part of organs of the coalition,” he stated.

    In his petition, he also argued that the nomination process was flawed and was in contravention of article 47 of the Constitution.

    He, therefore, wants the court to compel the Opposition to submit the original minutes of the meetings where NASA's affiliate parties agreed on nominees to house leadership.

    Mr Sheikh also wanted the court to stop the 12 nominees from lobbying, campaigning or seeking the support of any member of Parliament who will sit in the committee that will vet the nominees.

    [caption caption="Ford Kenya party leaders"][/caption]

    The Ford Kenya official asked the court to issue orders that will stop the House from recognizing the nominees as duly elected members to EALA.