Murkomen, Wetangula Exchange Bitter Words In Senate

  • Senators Kipchumba Murkomen and Moses Wetang'ula paralysed business at the Senate on Wednesday after they exchanged bitter words.

    The two House leaders took each other head-on for at least 10 minutes after Murkomen ignored the Opposition's contributions to extending sittings to December 15.

    Senators extended the time to ensure Kenya's representation at the East African Legislative Assembly is dispensed before recess until February 13.

    However, Murkomen, the Majority leader, moved the motion during the afternoon session but deviated from tradition, requiring the Minority leader or an Opposition member to second it.

    [caption caption="Senator Murkomen"][/caption]

    Vihiga Senator George Khaniri rose on a point of order challenging Murkomen’s decision of picking his deputy Fatuma Dullo to second the motion.

    Khaniri argued that Murkomen was breaking House rules by ignoring NASA, which is led by Minority leader Wetang'ula.

    The Ford Kenya leader took to the floor following Khaniri’s protest and accused Murkomen of turning important House matters, requiring a bipartisan approach, into a Jubilee affair.

    “The issue of bipartisanship is important in every House. Murkomen is treating important House matters casually...this partisan trend should stop,” Wetang’ula stated.

    He told Murkomen that the opposition cannot solicit second motions that require bipartisan contribution since it is provided for in House Standing Orders.

    Garissa Senator Yusuf Hajji condemned Wetang’ula and Murkomen for crippling House activities by engaging in "nonconstructive exchanges".

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    “We are tired of seeing the two leaders engage in such kind of talk. The Speaker should not allow them to continue with such talk in this House,” Hajji warned.