Raila Odinga Tells Off International Community

  • National Super Alliance (NASA) leader Raila Odinga on Thursday condemned the international community for interfering with Kenyan affairs and their silence on the killings during the electioneering period.

    He expressed his disappointment towards the “Friends of Kenya” who are represented in the country as none of the ambassadors has come out to reprove the killings of innocent Kenyans.

    Mr Odinga stated that if the International Community is to offer advice, they should do so in private and not “shout at them.”

    “Kenyan problems will be resolved by the Kenyan people,” affirmed Mr Odinga.

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    Speaking at the City Mortuary where kin of the victims of police brutality were collecting bodies, the NASA leader told off the international community for expecting them to ‘accept and move on’ yet they do not reprimand the violence on innocent Kenyans.

    Mr. Odinga also reiterated that he doesn’t acknowledge Kenyatta as the President as there was no election on October 26.

    He insisted that those killed are not victims of mob justice as claimed by the police but are victims of police brutality.

    Odinga wants the government to apologize to the relatives of the people killed during and after the elections.

    This comes a day after the US administration piled pressure on Odinga to abandon his planned swearing-in on December 12, noting that it is unconstitutional.

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    US Acting Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Donald Yamamoto, who met Odinga and his team on Tuesday, told Opposition leaders to dialogue with President Uhuru Kenyatta to find an amicable solution.

    “The United States also urged Opposition leaders to work within Kenya’s laws to pursue the reforms they seek and to avoid extra-constitutional actions such as the proposed 'inauguration ceremony' on December 12," a statement from the US embassy in Nairobi highlighted.