Boda Boda Riders Build Sh95 Million Estate

  • By Carolyne Tanui on Thursday, 7 December 2017 - 3:19pm
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    File image of the bodaboda members outside the NABOSA offices
  • Boda boda operators in Nanyuki town under the Nabosa Sacco have built an estate comprising of several houses worth Sh95 Million in Laikipia County.

    The group started in 2011 with 100 riders who formed a Chama where they started on an initial daily savings of Sh50.

    The initial aim of the group was to allow motorcycle taxi operators to buy spare parts or bail themselves out in case they were arrested by the traffic police.

    After some time, the agenda of the group diversified, and the group was registered as Nanyuki Boda Boda Sacco (Nabosa) with the aim of helping members buy new motorcycles.


    Speaking to, Esther, an official from the Sacco, confirmed that the construction of the estate which was initiated in 2015 had been completed and members were earning their shares.

    Among other projects initiated by the company, Esther noted, is a plan to get a van to boost the organization activities.

    She further clarified that the group had been split into Nabosa housing and Nabosa Sacco to facilitate upcoming projects.

    A section of the boda boda riders embraced the project confessing how they found themselves in the occupation to escape joblessness and even had to borrow money to start the business.

    "I had never imagined owning a parcel of land, leave alone a house, before the age of 30. It seems too good to be true," James Mwangi, one of the operators stated.

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