NASA's Response After AG Githu Muigai's Announcement on Treason

  • The National Super Alliance (NASA) through its lawyer Senior Counsel James Orengo on Thursday dismissed claims by the Attorney General that any other swearing-in of a president will lead to treason.

    Speaking to KTN News, Senator Orengo explained that Attorney General Githu Muigai was trying to issue threats, intimidation, and blackmail that will not work.

    The Senior Counsel noted that treason was not an easy offense to prove adding that whatever the coalition was planning was well anchored in the constitution.


    "Let me say this, treason is not an easy offense to prove. In fact, you cannot remember if I ask you the question when was the last civilian tried and convicted for the offense of treason.

    "As far as I am concerned, that is a long shot. He is living at a different time. Kenya is not a colony anymore," he stated.


    Senator Orengo explained that AG was wrong on the matter of treason and urged him to go back to law school.

    "It will not constitute treason unless I didn't go back to law school. The AG on this point is the one who needs to go back to law school. Taking an oath is in itself not enough," Orengo explained.

    He made the remarks following an announcement by the AG where he warned that swearing-in of another President will be an act of treason.

    Prof Muigai explained that any other inauguration would be outside the constitution adding that the government would not stop at anything to prevent the breach of the rule of law and the constitution.

    "I reiterate, any attempts to swear in any person as president other than the one elected in line with the constitution and in a manner provided for in the law is unlawful, illegal null and void ab initio," the AG stated.   ©   2018   All Rights Reserved