AG Githu Muigai Breaks Silence on Raila's Inauguration

  • Attorney General Professor Githu Muigai on Tuesday broke his silence on the swearing-in of Opposition Leader Raila Odinga stating that the planned inauguration was illegal.

     Speaking to the Star, the AG warned that the Opposition Leaders would be punished if they proceeded with the plan to swear-in Mr Odinga.

    According to the AG, the National Super Alliance (NASA) and its leaders would violate Article 3(2), of the constitution which imparts a duty on all citizens to uphold and respect the Constitution.

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    "Any attempt to establish a government otherwise than in the compliance with this constitution is unlawful according to Subsection 2.

    "The law is as clear as day and night, anyone violating it will be committing an offence," the AG told the Star.

    Meanwhile, Leader of Majority in the Senate Kipchumba Murkomen opined that oathing the former Prime Minister would be a recipe for chaos.

    In an article published by the Standard, Senator Murkomen explains that even if Raila is inaugurated it won't be beneficial to him since there is nothing he can do.

    "In a few days, Raila Odinga will undertake a ceremony that he and some of his supporters believe will assure him executive power and authority, even while a free, fair, democratic and constitutional process to assess the will of the people of Kenya has already chosen another. 

    "Beyond the ceremony, neither Raila Odinga nor any member of NASA has explained to the people of Kenya what will come next. Will Raila Odinga try and promulgate laws and Executive decrees? Will he set up an alternative government? Will he try and conduct international relations and diplomacy?

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    "If there is no taxation without representation, there is also no representation without taxation, because if not from the public purse, where will the funds for this alternative hierarchy emerge? Will the alternative leadership have an army or militia, and what will it be used for?" Murkomen posed.

    He explained that Mr Odinga's inauguration was an assault on democracy, stability, and the future of Kenya.