Kenyans Mock List of People to be Awarded by Uhuru

  • A number of President Uhuru Kenyatta's nominees for the civilian Head of State Commendation awards were on Tuesday mocked on social media.

    The list that was shared widely as the Jamhuri Day celebrations took place was received with uproar as many commentators sought to know why some of the civilians had been honoured by the President.

    Some of the most intriguing nominees included Martin Kamotho alias "Githeri Man", Tano Tena musician Ben Githae, blogger Robert Alai, Gospel artist Roy Smith Mwita alias Rufftone, Evangelist Teresia Wairimu and Citizen TV reporter Jackie Maribe.

    Kenyans on social media were curious to know the criteria used to select the nominees. Here are some of the comments that were shared.

    The journalist quickly rose to the top of the most scathing comments as many claimed that she had received the commendation based on her alleged relationship with the Senior Director of Innovation, Digital and Diaspora Communication in the Office of the President of the Republic of Kenya, Mr Dennis Itumbi, who was also accorded the same honour.

    The two were the subject of discussion in 2016 when their controversial photo emerged online leading many to speculate that they were in a romantic relationship.

    Ms Maribe, however, cleared the air stating: "Dennis is a very good friend of mine. He has never been my boyfriend. It was a joke that went too far, one of our friends took the picture when we were discussing a totally different topic."

    According to the Constitution, the honour is awarded to a person who exhibited exemplary qualities, actions or achievements, a State officer or public officer, an exemplary professional from any of the various fields or any other person who brings honour and pride to the country.

    A special committee comprising of the Deputy President, two selected Governors, two concerned Cabinet Secretaries, Public Service Commission chair and one other representative are the President's key advisors on the selection of nominees.

    Those given the honour add a designation, "HSC" to their names whenever their titles are written.

    Here are more comments that were shared.


    Persons on whom national honours may be conferred.
    As per State House, It appears that the individuals awarded today met the criteria of 'exemplary contribution.'
    Kudos to them.

    — Continental GJ (@gregjunior_) December 12, 2017