Date Set For Replacement of All Driving Licences

  • Transport Cabinet Secretary James Macharia has announced that issuance of the new generation digital driving licences will begin in January, with Public Service Vehicle (PSV) drivers being given priority.

    The new e-licence will cost drivers Sh3,000 each.

    CS Macharia explained that PSVs would be prioritized as the Government is seeking a lasting solution to road carnage that claimed 300 lives in the month of December 2017.

    "The new generation e-licence will be issued to all drivers starting this January in a phased programme and priority given to PSV vehicles," Macharia stated.

    A key feature of the card is the points system that sees points deducted for every traffic offence committed.

    [caption caption="Transport CS James Macharia"][/caption]

    Multiple traffic violations could, therefore, lead to loss of one's license.

    Other penalties include on-the-spot fines, confiscation of the licence and attending mandatory refresher driving classes.

    Developed by the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA), the roll-out of the new licences has been postponed several times since June 2017.

    NTSA Director-General Francis Meja revealed that transactions for instant fines would be cashless in a bid to tame corruption.

    “Instant fines are aimed at penalising petty offenders whereby the information will be relayed to our database and fines paid ‘cashlessly’ thereby helping curb graft on our roads,” Mr Meja stated.

    [caption caption="A sample new generation driving licence"][/caption]