Raila Reveals 5 Things People's Assembly Will Push For

  • National Super Alliance (NASA) leader Raila Odinga on Sunday disclosed that the five agenda that the People's assembly would push for nationally.

    Speaking during a people's assembly meeting in Kakamega, the opposition leader stated that the assembly would push for resolving of issues that had caused national discourse.

    1. Electoral Justice

    Mr Odinga stated: "We will not accept repeat elections held by IEBC Chairman Wafula Chebukati and CEO Ezra Chiloba. We must overhaul the entire electoral system to ensure fair polls are held."

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    2. Judicial independence

    The NASA leader noted that the judicial system that annulled the August election had been compromised when ruling on the repeat election results.

    "The Supreme Court has been threatened by Uhuru and Ruto which is why we will be pushing for an independent court," he conveyed.

    3. A Proper Police Service

    He advocated for a proper police force adding that it had killed over 300 people after the August elections.

    "We want to transform the police from a force to a service. The police force is not one determined to serve but victimizes the people.

    "We shall see if we can dismiss them all or create a new force," the Former Prime Minister added.

    4. Restructuring and strengthening Devolution

    "We want a devolved unit that has enough capacity to make itself sustainable," he explained.

    5. Restructuring of Executive

    He called for reducing dependency on the national government while urging for deconcentration of power in the Presidency.

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    Speaking during the same forum, NASA Strategist Dr David Ndii disclosed that the opposition would hold a national dialogue with all Kenyans to decide on a way forward.

    "We will first inaugurate Raila as the People's president and then we will have a national forum with Kenyans from all regions.

    "In this forum, we will decide how will govern ourselves," he announced.