5 People on Same Bodaboda Die in Fatal Crash

  • Five people have died on Friday morning following a grisly road accident at Sigalagala trading center on the Kakamega- Kisumu road.

    The five were riding on the same bodaboda when they collided head-on with an oncoming vehicle.

    The area traffic commandant Geoffrey Njogu confirmed the morning incident noting that they died on the spot.

    The traffic boss has issued a stern warning to bodaboda operators who do not follow traffic rules.

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    This happens even after NTSA officials were ordered to withdraw from the roads by President Uhuru Kenyatta following the numerous road accidents that happened in the month of December.

    The traffic officials have, therefore, taken charge of the roads to monitor and ensure motorists follow the rules.

    Before their withdrawal from the roads, NTSA had issued a ban on night travel for all public transport vehicles.

    This move was taken following an accident that happened at 2 am claiming 36 people along Sachangwan area.

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    Members of the National Assembly have since threatened to have the NTSA disbanded as they fault the board for the several accidents that have happened.

    The Senate Transport committee led by the chairman Kimani Wamatangi, is to summon the official on the same issue.

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