Why Ezekiel Mutua Wants To Ban Popular Childrens’ Toys

  • By Mumbi Mutuko on Saturday, 13 January 2018 - 5:17pm
    Struck Out
    Kenya Film Classification Board Chief Executive Ezekiel Mutua Facebook
  • The Kenya Film Classification Board Chief Executive Ezekiel Mutua called for the ban on gun toys in the country arguing that they socialize violence to children.

    KFCB and the Council of Imams and preachers of Kenya had a conjoined presser on Saturday in Mombasa where they argued that toy guns posed a danger to minors by instilling violence in them.

    In his argument, Mutua stated that he believed toy guns can be used as a tool to brainwash young children into terrorism.

    “Why should a child have a gun? What are we teaching them? Do you want them to become terrorists? We must ban them. They are not good for our children instead buy them books, computers, or a football so that they become the next Wanyama,” Mutua stated.


    The moral policeman further stated that video games with violence were also going to be banned further asking parents to be vigilant with the content they expose their children to.

    He further warned of foreign filmmakers against making movies without obtaining a license adding that they endangered national security and denying licensed local agents’ money.

    Dr Mutua addressed allegations of people filming sex movies at the coast warning the culprits that they will be arrested and further maintained that foreigners must send them their synopsis beforehand.

    “Don’t allow foreigners and tourists to erode our moral culture by making sex movies with our children, arrest them. Kenya should not be a dumping ground,” Mutua remarked.

    CIPK Organizing Secretary Sheikh Mohamed Khalifa urged the police to arrest the culprits since they have the mandate to do so.


    Additionally, he thanked a Kilifi ward representative who is set to table a motion banning homosexuality and gaysm and asked other counties in the Coastal region to do the same.

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