MP Attacked and Frogmarched From a Funeral

  • Shinyalu Member of Parliament Justus Kizito was attacked by goons and later frogmarched from a funeral at his constituency.

    Trouble started when former legislator Anami Lisamula arrived just as Kizito prepared to take to the podium and address mourners.

    However, Lisamula's supporters pounced and restrained the legislator from addressing mourners before violence erupted.

    They goons first booed the MP then stormed the podium before a fight ensued where scores of mourners were injured.

    [caption caption="Justus Kizito"][/caption]

    "I was about to address mourners when Lisamula's goons pounced on me," Kizito lamented.

    He added: "Lisamula himself did not beat me. However, it is a pity that a leader of his stature can cause chaos at a funeral."

    Kizito was later taken to a hospital within Kakamega Town and was yet to report the matter to the police before the press got wind of the story.

    The mourners who were injured during the melee were also treated at the hospital and were discharged after suffering minor injuries.

    Lugari MP Ayub Savula and his Matungu counterpart Justus Murunga, who arrived at the funeral in a helicopter, were forced to leave in a hurry.

    [caption caption="former Shinyalu legislator Anami Lisamula "][/caption]

    However, Lisamula dismissed allegations that he was behind the attack on Kizito and stated that he was innocent.