KNH Responds After Alert on Rape of Patients in the Hospital

  • The Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) has issued a response to widely circulated reports that accused some hospital staff of assaulting new mothers at the facility.

    Speaking to, KNH Public Relations Officer Simon Ithai conveyed that the report shared on social media platforms was only partly true.

    "The Hospital has always been on high alert for criminal activities that often take place at the facility and there are public notices that alert members of the public to be aware.

    "We have had countless cases of pickpockets as the post indicates. We have had cases of people masquerading as doctors in white lab coats. Others have often conned unsuspecting visitors at the hospital and made away with large sums of money," Mr Ithai admitted.

    [caption caption="File image of KNH PRO Simon Ithai (left) with KFCB Boss Ezekiel Mutua"][/caption]

    When pressed to comment on allegations that morgue attendants have been reported to accost and rape new mothers, Mr Ithai denied knowledge of the reports.

    "I have seen the post shared on Kilimani Mums Facebook group by a user going with the name "Nguo Za Watoto". These allegations amount to defamation and one can even take legal action against such malicious people.

    "KNH is not a 'hotspot' of crimes, what we know we have alerted the public about it and there are notices warning them to be careful. We will release an official report at 3 p. m. today (Friday)," the PRO told

    The post raising alarm over the alleged rape cases was shared on various Facebook groups as well as on Twitter, it read in part: "The nurseries are at the ground floor, and the mothers' third floor. Today, met a lady who was nearly raped when she had gone to breastfeed her baby at about 3 a. m.

    "Only thing that saved her the ordeal, was her voice. She screamed her alleged attacker away," the post read in part.

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