Sakaja Rescues Babu Owino from Police Cell

  • Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja has rescued Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino from police cells where he spent two nights.

    Senator Sakaja made a personal undertaking of Sh104,000 and a surety to produce the legislator in court on Monday, January 22 at 8 am after which the police released the vocal MP.

    “No political leader should be arrested unlawfully because of his political party be it NASA or Jubilee,” Sakaja was quoted by Citizen Digital.

    [caption caption="Sakaja and Babu at Parklands police station on Sunday"][/caption]

    The Senator condemned the way the MP was arrested and noted that the police should have invited the former student leader for questioning.

    Speaking shortly after being released, the legislator linked his arrest to an election petition challenging his win in court.

    He accused the petitioner of conniving with his accuser to portray him as a violent man. 

    Sakaja and a section of Members of Parliament had visited Babu at the Parklands Police station where he was being detained and vowed not to leave until he is released.

    “This is a petty offence.. I don’t agree with it and I will stand for him. I am staying here until Babu is released,” he stated.

    Opposition MPs; Junet Mohamed, Anthony Oluoch, and Gladys Wanga, who were also at the station condemned the attack and urged the police to respect the right of elected leaders.

    [caption caption="Opposition Leaders at the Parklands police station"][/caption]

    The former University leader was arrested on Friday outside the parliament buildings by officers from flying squad.