Uber Reveals The Spot Most Kenyans Visit at Night

  • Uber, the world's biggest taxi technology firm, has revealed the destinations visited by most Kenyans as part of celebrations to mark three years since it began operations in the country.

    At night, the top destination, according to its data, is popular nightclub K1 Klub House.

    During the day, information recorded by the company shows that Aga Khan Hospital is the top location for Uber-using Kenyans.

    Since making its first trip in Nairobi in 2015, Uber has so far partnered with over 5,000 drivers.

    It has become a popular way to move around for many people who like the convenience it offers.

    [caption caption="Taxi drivers in Nairobi"][/caption]

    Uber operates in 633 cities worldwide and has over 12,000 employees.

    Despite stiff competition from other cab-hailing apps in Kenya, it has managed to carve out a healthy market share.

    Tourists from 74 different countries have also used Uber in Kenya since it was launched.

    It has occasionally come under attack from regular taxi drivers who accuse the platform of not facing the same regulatory environment.

    Uber drivers have also protested low rates paid out to them while riders have raised concerns over sub-standard service.

    [caption caption="An Uber driver in Nairobi"][/caption]