3 Things Kenyans Didn't Know About Yvonne Wamalwa

  • Yvonne Wamalwa, wife to former Vice President Michael Wamalwa died on Thursday morning in Nanyuki.

    Her death caught many people by surprise as no illnesses had been reported.

    The late Yvonne always lived a low-key life, making many Kenyans unaware of what was happening to her or the Wamalwas.

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    In an interview with the Nairobian, she, however, revealed some interesting details about her life.

    During the talk, Ms Wamalwa explained that she loved adventure and traveling, divulging that Lourdes in France and Masaai Mara National Park were some of her favorite destinations.

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    Responding to a question on her favorite music, the mother of two revealed that "Jazz, Classical and Gospel music lift my spirit."

    The late Wamalwa's wife also narrated that she undertook her college studies in the United Kingdom and later moved to Australia where she acquired a Master's degree in Policing, Terrorism, Counter-Terrorism and International Security.

    Regarding what she does to unwind, Ms Wamlwa explained that "I love my creature comforts, what girl doesn’t, but a beautiful aromatic bath, good music and some quiet time will do the trick."

    Following her husband's death, the then President Mwai Kibaki appointed her as a Deputy Permanent Representative of Kenya to the United Nations Habitat offices in Nairobi, a position she held for three years before moving to Australia.

    In Australia, she served as Kenya's Deputy High Commissioner and had plans to pursue a Ph.D. before returning home.

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    "I have plans to do a Ph.D. in International Security and Counter-Terrorism. I feel this would be beneficial to my country," she stated.