Why Uhuru has Been Silent on Raila's Swearing-in

  • Jubilee Party Vice Chair David Murathe over the weekend explained that President Uhuru Kenyatta has been silent regarding the planned National Super Alliance (NASA) inauguration because it did not bother him.

    According to Murathe, the Opposition should conduct the swearing-in so that "we put behind us these endless and meaningless threats."

    "We are not bothered at all by their actions and if you have noticed, at no point has the President and Deputy President pronounced themselves on this circus," Murathe was quoted by The Nation.

    He explained that the President and the DP were concerned about the consequences of the event adding that it may cause violence in the country.

    “The only challenge, though, is the climate of uncertainty and anxiety, which NASA is creating. No self-respecting government can watch helplessly as our economy is destabilised by a people keen on fomenting a revolution," he explained.

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    The former Gatanga Legislator further noted that the ruling party was not anxious over the Tuesday event but was only concerned over its illegality.

    Addressing comments made by various Jubilee leaders on the planned NASA swearing-in, the Vice Chair explained that such remarks should be treated as personal and not as the official party position.

    Meanwhile, the opposition on Saturday insisted that the inauguration will proceed as scheduled.

    Opposition Leader Raila Odinga noted that he was ready to die or be jailed for the benefit of all Kenyans.

    "If it will cost me my life or send me to jail for life, I am ready for it. My life is not better than that of baby Pendo or the more than 300 people who have died since the August 8 elections.

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    "They say they will charge me with treason. I want to say here today in Homa Bay, Asego Kanyada that I’m ready to pay the ultimate price," Odinga was quoted by The Standard.

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