The Goodies Lupita's Movie Brought to Kisumu

  • Black Panther, the new superhero movie from Marvel, had its Africa premiere on Tuesday in Kisumu and with it came goodies for residents of the lakeside city.

    The movie, which is slated for a global premiere on 16th, features Kenyan actress Lupita Nyong'o as one of the stars, playing the role of Nakia.

    Kisumu County Government earlier struck a deal with Liquid Telecom to install a high-speed fibre network in the city to facilitate the streaming of the movie.

    First to be connected was IMAX cinema at Nakumatt Mega, with the network covering the Milimani, Kondele, Kibos and Migosi Junction areas.

    “The network is fast with uninterrupted internet connectivity over long distances enabling us to establish connectivity on demand in a few hours,” Justin Orina, a manager at Liquid Telecom stated.

    [caption caption="Kisumu All-Stars FC at the Black Panther premiere"][/caption]

    Orina further revealed that six engineers had been deployed to work on the 400 Mbps link.

    In addition, Lupita herself has sponsored 1,200 students from the seven sub-counties in Kisumu to watch the movie next week.

    Kisumu County Executive in charge of Tourism, Sports, Arts, and Culture, Achie Ojany Alai, noted that they were extremely proud of Lupita and hailed the premiere as an opportunity for the county to showcase itself and its artists.

    “Kenya is very, very proud of her. Lupita Nyong'o is one of our heroes. We get to have an amazing opportunity ahead of the rest of the world to say 'Yeah, we got this'," she stated.

    [caption caption="A scene from Black Panther"][/caption]