Why Larry Madowo Wants to Delete His Twitter Account

  • NTV journalist Larry Madowo on Friday revealed that he was on the verge of deleting his Twitter account explaining that his experience on the platform has been less than satisfactory.

    According to Larry, the platform has become an avenue for users and robots to abuse and degrade those with strong opinions.

    "My experience on the platform has been the most degrading experience of my career. I am constantly considering deleting my account for good.

    "If nothing changes soon, I will have no choice but to deactivate it and walk away from the vile, toxic mess it is for heavy users with strong opinions like me," the journalist wrote in the Washington Post.

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    Larry went on to detail various encounters he has had on the platform that have driven him to the edge.

    "Hate and abuse are now synonymous with tweeting, but Twitter’s indifference (or inability) to deal with it has been particularly damaging.

    "I’ve reported multiple accounts that directly threatened me or whose abuse crossed a line — yet there is almost always no response from Twitter — especially if the offending tweets are in local languages.

    "In the most egregious instances, offenders just registered new accounts to continue their hateful campaigns after I blocked them," Larry explained.

    The journalist, however, acknowledged that Twitter had made efforts to reduce the prevalence of such trolling noting that the efforts had worked for high profile individuals.

    "The service seems to only want to be a safe space for highly influential New York media types, the Silicon Valley crowd and the Washington establishment. 

    "I don’t have all the answers about how Twitter will measure what counts as healthy debate or how it will regulate violations of its hateful-conduct policy without limiting free speech, but it is hopelessly broken and often tone-deaf," Larry noted.

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