Safaricom Platinum Fits Into Everyday Life

  • I can never tell if the alarm doesn’t ring or I am just so worn-out from my day-to-day that I don’t hear it.

    Either way, no time to figure this out because I’m late. Since I’m an adult (apparently), there’re things I have to do even over the weekend.

    I have a party to plan for this guy, errands to run and no time to waste. So down the hatch with that large mug of coffee and off I go to whatever the day holds.

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    So far so good. I’ve left the house early enough to get the car to my mech (never mind he’s not picking any of my calls even two hours after he agreed to pick up my moti) and I’ve made an order with the cake guys.

    I’d loaded up my credit, grabbed my power bank, checked the list of people I’d invited, the hosting restaurant, everything was checking out just fine.

    [caption caption="Safaricom Platinum lifestyle benefits"][/caption]

    It doesn’t take very long before my homeboy lets out his cry of boredom, "Niliona you’re due for service, want me to come help you out?"

    I tell him I’ve got it plus he needs to relax on his birthday. Of course, this raises his antennae and he asks "Ai! Since when did you actually like going to the mech’s?"

    Just when I think my cover has been blown, he relents and I can finally go back to plan his surprise party!

    At this point, I’m doubting whether I’ll make it with everything still left to do. Well, at least the mech finally made it (albeit four hours later), two restaurants have told me they would confirm availability and I’m almost halfway through the invite list, even though I’ve spent like half my budget already on credit and data.

    Being thrown off is for sissies. So… yeah…everything’s going great, I guess?

    [caption caption="Safaricom platinum lifestyle benefits"][/caption]

    I won’t lie, at this point, I was so ready to give up but I still had to wait for my car, go across the city to place my deposit, pick up the cake and then go home and give boo his first gift…

    Of course, I forgot the gift! Aaaaaargh! Oh well, there was definitely no time to get a thoughtful one at 9 p.m. so I settle for just finishing up the party list.

    The last person on my list is my bestie, Mel, which would’ve been quite awesome if she was the first person I called! 

    She goes on to tell me about Safaricom Platinum’s #WeFocusOnYou campaign way after I regaled her with my struggle-stories throughout the day.

    With Safaricom Platinum, I could’ve; had my car maintained at a discount, ordered a mouthwatering cake for my beau at a discount and gotten a discount on the hottest event in town.

    Better late than never because I joined Platinum at that moment and got a discount on fuel for my moti. How cool was that!

    Anyway, long story short guys, go to and get the convenience you’ve always wanted! They have offers on travel, events, restaurants, minor car service and so many other things I really could’ve used on this day. Now if only I’d called Mel first!