KNH on the Spot After Another Surgery Mistake

Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) is once again on the spot after a Caesarean Section (CS) went wrong and a patient lost a portion of her intestines.

Susan Nekesa stated that she delivered twins at the referral hospital on January 25 but a few hours after the surgery, her stomach started swelling.

Her sister, Evelyn Anindo, confirmed that Nekesa was in so much pain that she could hardly talk.

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“When I came to see her, I found that she had a swollen stomach.

“Her stomach was also very hot and she could not talk. We communicated using signs," she narrated.

Nekesa was then taken back to the theatre where doctors discovered the shocking mistake.

“It was discovered that the surgery was not done correctly. A portion of the small intestines, like 50cm, was outside the chamber where it was supposed to be," revealed Nekesa's husband Robert Sitati.

The doctors quickly rectified the situation by removing the portion of the intestines that was affected and left a small opening (stoma) to allow her pass stool through a colostomy bag.

The family got more tragic news on Tuesday after they were informed that one of their twins had died.

Nekesa stated that she was told her child had a hole in the heart but her husband revealed that their young one choked on milk as she was being fed by a nurse.

Apparently, the hospital staff has not been supportive of Nekesa with her sister further divulging that when her colostomy bag gets full, it is up to her to empty it.

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