Half of Kenyans Want to Urgently Leave the Country - Survey

  • An international poll agency has revealed that 54 percent of Kenyans would immediately leave the country if they could.

    The survey released by Pew Research centre noted that the need to migrate could be due to the high unemployment rates and relatively low wage rates in the country.

    The researchers further pointed out that the unemployment crisis was rapidly growing worse due to high fertility levels which means more people were competing for the same jobs.

    “Political instability and conflict are other factors pushing sub-Saharan Africans to move,” the report stated.

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    Kenya came third among the six sub-Saharan Africa countries included in the survey results.

    Another survey conducted a year ago stated that 19 percent of Kenyans had initiated plans to move to another country in the next five years.

    55 percent of the Kenyans listed the United States (US) as their preferred destination.

    Data cited in the survey stated that 120,000 Kenyans are living in the US while 180,000 others live in Europe.

    Kenya is said to be the fourth-largest source of African immigrants to the US, following Nigeria (280,000), Ethiopia (220,000) and Ghana (160,000).

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