Sabina Chege Explains Relationship with Parliament Conman

  • Murang'a Woman Representative Sabina Chege on Thursday denied reports that she is related to the man accused of soliciting money from Members of Parliament.

    In an exclusive interview with, Ms Chege stated that the allegations are false noting that a concrete report from the National Assembly Security Committee will be released in the next coming days.

    "I am not related to the man in question. Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti said that the accused has a special relationship with the complainant but I am not the only complainant.

    "The man is not a member of my community and we have no relationship whatsoever," she remarked.

    Earlier in the day, Mr Kinoti had told the National Assembly Security Committee that after in-depth investigations, they had found that there is a special relationship between the suspect and the complainant.

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    "We have done our investigationĀ and have the details of the individual. We have found out that he has a special relationship with the complainant," he stated.

    The media was, however, told to get out as Kinoti noted that he was uncomfortable divulging more details in public.

    Initially, Chege accused the police of failing to apprehend the criminal who stole money in her name even after they were given his personal details.

    She recounted how the conman impersonated her and sent messages to three Cabinet Secretaries and legislators at night saying she needed cash urgently.

    ā€œThose who sent the money saw that the M-Pesa number had been registered under Sabina Wanjiku Chege. That is why they did not suspect anything," she reiterated.

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