Kyle McCarter Nominated to Replace US Ambassador Robert Godec

  • President Donald Trump on Wednesday nominated State Senator Kyle McCarter of Lebanon to be the new US ambassador to Kenya.

    Mr McCarter confirmed this nomination noting that he would be glad to represent Kenya.

    “I look forward to bringing about a closer relationship that will benefit both our nations," he stated.

    Confirming the appointment, White House stated that McCarter, an Illinois manufacturer, and politician, has been president and owner of Custom Product Innovations, Inc., since 1996, and of Custom Coating Innovations since 2009.

    He has also served as a State senator in the Illinois General Assembly since 2009 and it has emerged that he has a special connection with Kenya.

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    In 1984, McCarter alongside his parents founded Each One Feed One International based in Lebanon, Illinois with an office in Mukothima, Kenya, an organization delivering care and education to orphans and widows through strategic, creative, and sustainable solutions.

    From 1984-1989, he and his wife lived and worked in Kenya and even helped establish medical clinics.

    While being nominated by Illinois congressmen, the delegation lauded Mccarter for extensive history in Kenya specifically his experience negotiating with tribal chiefs, dignitaries, USAID and other organizations.

    "He has heightened insight into the governmental operations and other political, economic and social realities of both Kenya and the larger region of East Africa," the congressmen noted.

    The congressmen further pointed out that he had come up with ways to support Trump's "Buy American" strategy in Kenya to help boost the American economy.

    In a statement, McCarter expressed his gratefulness on the nomination adding that if the Senate approves him, he would be honoured to serve.

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    “Our country has a long friendship with Kenya that began soon after the country won its independence in late 1963, and my family’s personal friendship goes back over 30 years," he stated.

    The Ambassadorial nominee and his wife are proficient with Swahili, the official language of Kenya.