Kirinyaga Deputy Governor Peter Ndambiri Explains He Was Set Up By Fraudsters

  • Kirinyaga Deputy Governor Peter Ndambiri on Wednesday addressed the video that emerged online explaining that he had been set up by fraudsters.

    Speaking to journalists at Thika Police Station, the deputy governor stated that he had fallen victim to the notorious criminal ring.

    “There is a group of gangsters targeting politicians and individuals they think have money in this country. The purpose of these gangsters is extortion and I am such a victim.

    “I was set up by crooks who took me through a very agonizing moment and right now what matters to me most is about my family and the people of Kirinyaga who look unto me for guidance and leadership,” he stated.

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    Ndambiri alleged that the video clip was recorded the previous weekend in Thika town where the fraudsters forced him into the room with the woman.

    They thereafter forced him to strip naked to recorded him to show that he had been busted with a married woman.

    “This is an episode that has brought a lot of shame but it has happened when people fall victims to gangsters. Anyone can fall victim and find themselves in a situation for purposes of extortion. I thank God that I am alive because these gangsters would have either killed me if I failed to comply with their demands. For me to save my neck I had to comply,” he conveyed.

    The video has caused a stir on social media with many calling for his resignation over the incident.

    During the Devolution conference in Kakamega, Eugene Wamalwa put Kirinyaga governor Anne Waiguru on the spot over the video.

    "What Oparanya said yesterday (about the 24-hour economy) is true and it is working. Governor Waiguru can attest to it.

    "May I say to all the delegates, welcome to Kakamega and feel free," he stated.

    This left Waiguru and the others in attendance in stitches as she seemed to deny having a knowledge of the issue.

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