Former MP David Sudi Causes Demolition of Toi Market

  • Traders in Toi market in Woodley estate are counting their losses after their stalls were demolished

    The evictions were executed after a court judgement found the plot valued at about Ksh100 million belonged to former Marakwet West MP David Sudi, and that the occupants were there illegally. 

    Police lobbed teargas canisters to disperse the agitated business owners in the Monday morning incident and Kilimani OCPD Michael Muchiri maintained they were present to maintain law and order.

    Muchiri further stated that the evictions were done on a Sunday to avoid a weekday traffic snarl-up in the area because the market is located next to a busy road.

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    Notably, the Kilimani OCPD refuted claims that they were working over the weekend on orders from an influential person in the Government.

    National Land Commission chairman Muhammad Swazuri wrote to the Inspector General of Police asking him to effect court orders and remove the occupants.

    The letter read in part: “This is to inform you that the matter was decided by the court and it needs to be solved by the implementation of the court decree issued by the court of law.”

    Prof Swazuri had earlier written to Grace Sorora, a businesswoman who had gone to court seeking to be declared the land's rightful owner by adverse possession on the basis that she had occupied the land for more than 12 years. 

    Sudi had filed an application seeking an order to compel the Director of Public Prosecutions to charge Sorora who has been found to have forged documents over his suit property.

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    Sudi, through his lawyer Ham Lagat, told Justice George Odunga, that the DCI having found that the documents are forgeries, the DPP ought to have moved with speed and recommend prosecution against the lady for an offence of forgery and perjury.