Alarm Raised Over Woman Stealing From Mourners

  • Alarm has been raised over a dangerous woman who is accused of stealing from mourners during funerals in Nairobi.

    According to police, the yet to be identified woman disguises herself as a mourner and weeps with the family before drugging unsuspecting victims and making away with their valuables.

    Several social media users admitted having come across her during several wakes and exposed her dubious activities.

    “The woman made her way into the residence of a friend who died earlier this week, where we were meeting for burial arrangements.

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    "We thought she's a normal mourner, coming to condole with the family. She spent one hour talking to the widow, then she drugged her and took off with her phone.

    "This morning she called many people asking for money,” revealed one Kevin Otiende.

    He later sent her Ksh 7500 believing it was the widow.

    CCTV footage showed the woman walking into the widow's house in a blue scarf and the incident was reported at Kasarani Police Station before her line was blocked.

    Another netizen noted: “Yes, she is very notorious, she robbed people in Lang’ata few months ago. She comes in camouflaged as mourner who gives a helping hand, doing chores and preparing tea hence gaining the trust of the mourners to a point of dispersing any suspicion.

    "Then all phones go missing then you have no one to suspect.”

    Keru Wa Njenga narrated having suffered a similar fate in the hands of the said woman: "Oh my God this lady did the same to me during my late husband’s matanga (wake) in May 2016. I hope she is caught.

    "Oh Lord…the trauma she caused me. She went to my bedroom stole clothes and from my phone, she managed to steal Sh20,000."

    Another widow, Brenda Mweu recounted having suffered at the hands of the same woman: "On April 24, when I was mourning my husband this woman came to my house and pretended to be a colleague to my late husband. She stole my phone and called people pretending it was me and asked for money..."

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