Octopizzo Orders Photographers to Seek Permission Before Taking His Photo in His Events

  • Kenyan Hip Hop artiste Henry Ohanga, commonly referred to by his stage name Octopizzo on Tuesday set terms for photography during his concert.

    In a statement seen by Kenyans.co.ke, the award-winning artiste reserved the right to deny taking of videos and photos of him during his events.

    "Any person or organization not affiliated with Octopizzo may not use, copy, alter or modify his photographs, graphics, videography or other, similar reproductions or recordings without the advance written permission of Octopizzo and his management team.

    "While attending an Octopizzo event, you agree to only take photos or videos for personal use. No photos or videos may be taken for commercial purposes without consent from Octopizzo and his management team, unless through the authorized official photographers for the event," the statement read in part.

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    Some users online sided with the Noma Ni hitmaker terming it a move which was due arguing that it takes hard work to build a brand and as such should be respected.

    "This was so needed my man, I didn't like that corky man dragging you in the mad yet has no accreditation from your management. This will bring order," one user stated.

    Another conveyed: "There is a level of professionalism this dude exhibits. It’s rare. Others would book interviews and rant all day."

    On the other hand, others were not happy with the demand stating that it was not fair for photographers.

    "@Octopizzo the events we shoot are our clients, not your event if a client has commisioned us to take pictures on their function and you are part of the details of the event, your ignorance is not part of our responsibility as photographers. Don't use our photos without consent," one stated.

    "Tumesikia (we've heard). But also don't take photos of people at your events without their permission. Tunakuja show. Sio photoshoot (we came for a show and not photoshoot)," another added.

    Here are some of the reactions:

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    [caption caption="Reactions to Octopizzo's post"][/caption]

    [caption caption="Reactions to Octopizzo's post"][/caption]