2,000 Police Officers Deployed to Nairobi Ahead of Ramadan

  • The National Police Service (NPS) has announced new security measures put in place for the Muslim holy month of Ramadan which began on Wednesday evening.

    Confirming that they had intelligence on planned attacks by terrorists, Regional Commissioner Kang'ethe Thuku revealed that police presence in the city would be significantly boosted.

    He announced that 2,000 officers would be deployed to Nairobi for the month.

    NPS Spokesperson Charles Owino urged the public to be vigilant and report any suspicious individuals or activities.

    He further echoed Thuku's sentiments explaining that the increased police presence would be in effect across the country.

    [caption caption="Police Spokesperson Charles Owino"][/caption]

    "We assure Kenyans that we have put in place security measures to ensure their peace is not disturbed,” he stated.

    On Friday, the Police announced that they were on the hunt for an 'armed and dangerous' member of the Somalia-based Al-Shabaab terrorist group.

    Owino described Anthony Munyasya from Kitui alias Abdalla as a "highly trained" Al Shabaab operative who has been fighting for the militants in Somalia since 2014.

    They claimed that Abdalla was part of a cell that was planning an attack in the country.

    Abdalla allegedly planned to stage a major attack in Nairobi using a vehicle full of improvised explosive devices before police found him and the vehicle in Merti, Isiolo on January 15.

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