Confusion in Thika Town After Bomb Scare

  • There was confusion on Tuesday after a bomb scare in Thika Town when a suspicious object was found inside a shop.

    Residents stated that the gadget was discovered neatly wrapped inside an animal products shop along Uhuru Street in the morning.

    The Police were immediately alerted about the suspicious gadget and arrived at the scene a few minutes later where residents stated that the owner of the shop, an elderly woman, sounded the alarm after finding the strange device.

    Thika Administration Police Commandant Peter Nzimbi, however, stated that detectives concluded the device was not an explosive and later revealed that a young man, identified as Abel Githinji, had left the power circuit inside the shop.

    [caption caption="Police at the scene in Thika town"][/caption]

    During questioning, Githinji told police he had carried the device for repair but did not find the electrician’s shop open which prompted him to leave it at the old lady’s shop and head to work.

    The police commander assured residents that they were safe and urged them to continue reporting suspicious incidents.

    Police issued a security alert over possible attacks in the country by Somalia-based terror group, Al-Shabaab, during the Ramadhan season.

    In a statement, Director of Communications for the National Police Service Charles Owino maintained that security agencies had obtained credible intelligence, suggesting that Al-Shabaab was planning to carry out attacks in various parts of the country during the holy month.

    Kenyans were urged to be extra vigilant especially in populated public places such as hotels, church, bus stages and schools.

    [caption caption="Police Spokesman Charles Owino"][/caption]

    The police spokesperson, without revealing the number, stated they had nabbed some suspects whose names were released two weeks ago for allegedly planning to infiltrate terror operatives into the country.