DP William Ruto's Promise Leaves MCAs Cheering in Excitement

  • Deputy President William Ruto on Tuesday left Members of County Assembly (MCAs) attending the Devolution Legislative Summit in Mombasa cheering in excitement.

    The DP, who was addressing the Conference, made reference to a debate that had been touched upon by Elgeyo-Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen.

    "I heard Senator Kipchumba Murkomen speak to the issue of car grants and Ward Development Fund," the DP joined the debate.

    [caption caption="DP consults with Senate Speaker Ken Lusaka"][/caption]

    "And also James Orengo made a very passionate assessment of where those two issues stand. I quite agree that there must be fairness and equity.

    "It is my expectation that our legislature both in National Assembly and Senate will formulate a mechanism where legislators both in the National Assembly and County Assemblies will be treated equally despite..." he added.

    This saw the MCAs applaud the DP and momentarily interject his speech with chants of "Igwe! Igwe! Igwe!"

    "When there is finally an agreement between the National Assembly and the Senate; when that legislation is fashioned, we will do our part as the National Executive," Ruto promised.

    The DP further reiterated that the MCAs should hold Governors to account and ensure they fulfill their duties and obligations.

    "I know some of the County Executives are your friends, but the best way to support them is actually to criticize them," Ruto quipped.

    Ruto steered clear from the debate on amendments to the Constitution proposed by the Opposition, as part of the "Building Bridges to a New Kenyan Nation" Agenda.

    "I know James Orengo was trying to lure me into a discussion about the Constitution but today I  am not going there. 

    "I want just to say that unfortunately sometimes, lazy people who do not want to work hard, and incompetent people who cannot formulate meaningful development programs, and people who are used to losing elections use the Constitution as the bogeyman," he opined.

    [caption caption="William Ruto at the Summit"][/caption]

    Ruto concluded noting: "Any amendments to the Constitution will have to involve all Kenyans (and not just the politicians)."