Nelson Havi, Boniface Mwangi's Heated Twitter Spat Stirs Social Media

  • A heated Twitter spat between Lawyer Nelson Havi and activist Boniface Mwangi on Wednesday has stirred social media.

    Trouble began when Havi condemned the raid conducted by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) officials on former CS Michael Kamau’s house.

    The lawyer termed the Tuesday morning raid "a blatant disobedience of a Court of Appeal order prohibiting investigations against him" opining that the raid was "intended to divert attention from EACC’s complicity and failure to deal with the NYS scandal."

    [caption caption="Former CS Michael Kamau"][/caption]

    His sentiments, however, appeared to rub Boniface the wrong way which saw him blast Havi over the remark.

    Boniface accused Havi of representing thieves and complaining Kenya is corrupt: "You hold brief for thieves in court and then come on Twitter to complain how Kenya is corrupt."

    "A lawyer is not a doctor who must save all lives, a lawyer can decline corrupt clients. Lawyers who get paid with stolen money are part of the problem," Boniface concluded.

    Following the accusation, Havi hit back at the activist "Boniface Mwangi, in our days, one required at least an A- to study law at UoN or Moi. 

    "We are where we are, because of reading and working smart. I know many of you who could not meet such targets as you were busy copulating instead of reading. Let the loss lie where it fell," Havi told off Boniface.

    Another tweep joined the debate clarifying that the issue with Boniface had was about integrity not about how one became a lawyer.

    "This is why we are saying lawyers don't care about integrity, as long as they are making some money. We are not here to tell anyone to do this or that, it all depends on you," the netizen remarked.

    [caption caption="Activist Boniface Mwangi"][/caption]

    Calling off the arguement, the lawyer sarcastically reached out to Boniface "Call me when next in trouble with the law. I will represent you for free, now that you love free things from donors."