President Uhuru Urged to Create a Legacy by Fighting Corruption

  • President Uhuru Kenyatta has been advised on which court orders he is 'allowed' to disobey. 

    Speaking during an interview on Citizen TV, Orie Rogo Manduli called on the Head of State to fight corruption and also help Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko deal with city cartels. 

    Manduli, who was the first woman to head the Kenya Non-Governmental Organization council (NGO), told Uhuru to devote himself to the fight against corruption and if any court orders are issued protecting those committing the crimes, he (Uhuru) should disobey them.

    "Lock them up and throw the keys. Disobey court orders if you have any saying that they (cartels) should be released.

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    "If he (Uhuru) did not obey court orders in the case of Miguna, I don't see why he should obey them now," Manduli affirmed.

    She further asserted that if the president could manage to eradicate the numerous corruption cases, he would have created a legacy for himself. 

    Additionally, she advised Uhuru to disregard any position, title, tribe or any social influence of anyone as he wages war against the "people stealing taxpayers money."

    Manduli also noted that Chief Justice David Maraga ought to "wake up and do his job."

    "The CJ should wake up and do his job. Recently, he has not been in control of his judges. He needs to get them back on track," the former Safari Rally winner exclaimed.

    According to her, most judges have no morals and are always bribed off making wise and sober rulings on cases.

    However, she applauded him claiming that he is a "good man who can work for the people if he fastens his belts."

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