Fashion Designer Monica Kanari Returned Ksh15 Million She Received From NYS

  • Details have emerged of one Ms Monica Kanari who returned Ksh15 million that she had received from National Youth Service (NYS) despite having not supplied or tendered any goods for the money in question. 

    According to Kanari, who owns Occasions and Days Ltd, she was surprised to discover that millions had been deposited into her account on the morning of December 20, 2016.

    Upon discovering the anomaly, Ms Kanari wrote to the Youth Affairs Principal Secretary (PS) Lilian Omollo on December 23, 2016, informing her of the deposit and asking for a reversal of the funds.

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    In an email addressed to the PS, Ms Kanari exclaimed: "I refer to the attached payment confirmation Ref FT1635557CKV and hereby confirm it has been sent to us erroneously.

    "Kindly note that I have given my bank instructions for the monies to be returned to account 1000303301. I will forward the confirmation slip once I receive it," the designer added. 

    Speaking to the Standard, Ms Kanari asserted: "I was surprised to get money in my account, a whole Ksh15 million and when I asked my bank, they told me it had been sent from Central Bank.

    "On further inquiry, I discovered it had been sent from the NYS and I felt the good thing is to ask the bank to re-wire the money back to where it came from. I even wrote to the PS about this," she affirmed while addressing the ongoing NYS scandal.

    She also divulged that on the same day she (Kanari) wrote to the PS on the payment, NIC wired back the money to CBK through transmission reference number FT163585J4QTW, the money was then remitted to the NYS.

    Ms Kanari then wrote back to the PS, noting, "As I promised, find attached a copy of the confirmation of the swift transfer. This is to confirm that the monies sent to us erroneously of Ksh15,306,689.00 have been returned to the Central Bank account number 1000303301 on December 23, 2016."

    However, she did not disclose whether the PS wrote replied to any of her emails.

    The issue had been settled until Occasions and Days Ltd's name appeared last week in the list of companies that received the Ksh9billion that had been lost at NYS. 

    Ms Kanari was then later surprised when KRA wrote to her asking for Ksh10 million in tax arrears for receiving money as part of the proceeds of the scam.

    "KRA has information of your transactions with the NYS. You received payments amounting to Ksh55,944,878 from between January 9, 2016, to July 31, 2017, to the above-named department,” Newton Magu, the KRA station manager for Nairobi West, wrote to Kanari.

    Kanari, like Ann Ngirita who reportedly received Ksh60 million, was paid for having supplied nothing.

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