KBC Ordered to Pay Former Staff Ksh2 Million for Illegal Termination

National broadcaster KBC was on Thursday ordered to pay Ksh2 million to former employee Vincent Lempaa for illegal termination and discrimination.

Judge Mathews Nderi noted that the plaintiff was only advocating for his rights and his dismissal was unfair.

Lempaa led a strike at the media house six years ago, asking for reforms at the station.

The court also noted that he was improperly denied some benefits upon his termination.

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"The claimant was not paid terminal benefits upon termination. He suffered loss and damage at the hands of a public employer who chose to violate the law to his detriment," Judge Nderi remarked.

He ordered the Kenya Broadcasting Cooperation to pay him Sh2,052,764 with interest from the date he filed the case.

Lempaa was employed by KBC in October 2005 and in November 2010, he was promoted to broadcast assistant where he worked until July 6, 2012, when his services were terminated.

This was just a few months after the management failed to address their grievances and they downed tools asking Parliament to investigate their complaints.

He was accused of gross misconduct and disclosure of confidential information but in his defense, Lempaa argued that he was not given a chance to defend himself. 

The journalist further revealed that despite being promoted, his salary was not adjusted for around 20 months.

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