Raila Vows to Continue Pushing for Constitutional Reforms

NASA leader Raila Odinga has vowed to continue pushing for constitutional review despite President Uhuru Kenyatta stating that it was not the solution to Kenya's problems.

The Opposition leader noted that he was waiting for advice from the Building Bridges team on how to go about the matter.

“You saw the team was gazetted and has started working. It is the committee which will bring forward recommendations that we will implement.

"If the team says we need to amend the Constitution, we will do so and no one will stop us,” stated Mr Odinga during an Iftar (Ramadhan dinner) organised by ODM Deputy Party Leader Hassan Joho at Serani grounds in Mombasa.

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He further added: "We want to form a nation that will include everyone. A Kenya that will allow anyone to contest for the top seat and be elected.

"We want a situation where even a person from El Molo can get an equal chance of contesting for the seat and be elected."

Speaking during the Madaraka Day celebrations in Meru, the Head of State maintained that leaders must be honest enough to admit that changes to laws or processes are only a part of the solution.

"The work we are called to do is to build trust and then change hearts and minds. We have many laws in Kenya and a fine Constitution.

"It is not the letter that will get us to our destination, it is the spirit that we have when obeying the law," he remarked.

Uhuru asked the people to build trust in one another to ensure that the government helps in solving some of the most pressing problems we have.

"That is why I am fighting hard to implement the 'Big Four' agenda. Its pillars seek to directly benefit the lives of citizens, particularly those who are having the toughest time," he said.

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