Why Kenyans Want Kivutha Kibwana to Run for Presidency

  • A section of Kenyans has asked Makueni Governor Kivutha Kibwana to consider running for the Presidency in the 2022 general elections.

    In a message sent after Madaraka Day celebration, Kivutha indicated that "Kenya needs a third liberation. A liberation for economic independence, rooting out corruption and development of the grassroots economy."

    Kenyans were quick to respond to the Makueni County boss urging him to offer himself for the post of President in the coming elections.

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    Lawyer Nelson Havi had opined that "Kivutha would be a prudent choice for President of the Republic of Kenya. That is if we want the national leadership style of Barrack Obama or Ian Khama; a perfect break from the prevailing tedium."

    Proff. Kibwana can make a good president of this country. I support.

    — Davy Tnt (@DavyTnt) June 2, 2018

    He is governor and I can tell what his leadership is capable of doing. @governorkibwana I never made a mistake choosing you.

    — Nothern King (@XiiiBless) June 2, 2018

    Run for President

    — Mashaa (@manyeki) June 1, 2018

    Then why are you not running for president? Your track record speaks for itself, I would vote for you.

    — Afreaka! (@Afreaka_) June 1, 2018

    Run for president bwana governor. With your development record in Makueni I can confirm that I would stand in a queue and vote for you.

    — T_K (@TKmaster254) June 1, 2018

    Mr Kibwana we need somebody new, we need somebody development conscious, you have earned our trust. Trust Yourself and throw yourself in the mix of PRESIDENCY. atakaesema aseme but GO FOR IT PROFESSOR. Youre worth it

    — Footy brain (@jaylanic) June 2, 2018

    We need you to run for President. You got my vote !

    — Nicholas (@therealgakio) June 2, 2018

    For sanity to return in Kenya Prof Kivutha Kibwana is the only man outstanding and capable for the job. pic.twitter.com/fXnVMbwod6

    — Jibril Idris (@Nasadamu1) June 2, 2018

     The other 46 governors are set to visit Makueni County in July to study the county's successful public participation approach.

    According to Governor Kibwana, the forum will bring together top county government officials who will compare notes on various issues regarding development.

    “We are happy that many counties are coming to Makueni to benchmark. This is very positive.

    "We believe that each county has a story to tell about devolution and that is why we are opening our doors to host this momentous forum,” he remarked.

    The Makueni County success story was a major reference point during the 5th Devolution Conference in Kakamega with many speakers urging other counties to visit for benchmarking.

    In a televised speech broadcast, President Uhuru Kenyatta acknowledged that Makueni and Mandera counties have made strides worth emulating: "I commend governor Kibwana for rolling out in Makueni their own version of subsidized healthcare and food processing plant."

    You earned our trust long time a go..run for president GVN ..you av my vote

    — Dantezh (@Dantezh2) June 2, 2018

    Kivutha kibwana needs to aim for higher office having proved himself as a true servant of his people.

    — F'kadu (@gedionkadu) June 1, 2018

    Well said and Am in total support of Governor Kibutha Kibwana candidature for the President of the Republic of Kenya. He has proven beyond reasonable doubt that he's a leader. His record and name is clean and has the interest of the common man /woman in his heart 

    — Solomon Karori (@SolomonKarori2) June 2, 2018

    @JamesOleKiyiapi and @UNCTADKituyi would also be great candidates... We don't have a shortage of leaders, we are but prisoners of our tribe and slaves to our tribal 'mtu wetu' regardless of whether they are thugs, drug dealers or murderers

    — Alvytana Mavua (@Mavua) June 2, 2018

    I would contribute for @governorkibwana campaign kitty because I know the man can do wonders to the country.

    — HOSEA KINYUA (@HoseaKinyua) June 2, 2018

    @governorkibwana and @OAmollo would make near perfect president and deputy respectively. They know what servant leadership is all about. I would add @FredMatiangi too. We simply need service the rest are science fiction movies.

    — CNN (@cNyarige) June 2, 2018