302 Police Officers Fired

  • The National Police Service Commission (NPSC) on Thursday directed the sacking of 302 traffic officers in Nyanza who reportedly refused to be vetted.

    Addressing the media at Tom Mboya Labour College in Kisumu, NPSC Chair Johnston Kavuludi stated that Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet would send dismissal letters to the servicemen after they disobeyed police protocol.

    “These include officers who refused to appear before the vetting panel, those who failed to appear, those that neglected the commission’s calls to appear and also those that did not submit the necessary documents to the commission,” Mr Kavuludi confirmed.

    According to the NPSC chairman, the sacked officers refused to hand over their credentials, required documents, while others failed to communicate completely to the commission.

    The vetting process kicked off in the region on Thursday morning when the affected officers were ordered to surrender their guns.

    Mr Kavuludi had earlier warned officers awaiting vetting against failing to submit M-Pesa statements and bank details, saying they would be automatically expelled from the service.

    The vetting of traffic police officers which began in Mombasa on May 24, has since unmasked massive corruption in the department with senior cops failing to account for their wealth.

    The Kavuludi-led Commission has been conducting the vetting exercise in accordance with the provisions of the National Police Service Act which stipulates the need to assess officer’s competence.

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