Raila Puts Corrupt Officials on Notice

Senior Counsel Ahmednasir Abdullahi on Tuesday hinted that NASA leader Raila Odinga may have been given special powers by President Uhuru Kenyatta during the historic handshake.

This came after the Opposition Chief sounded a warning to all corrupt officials in government saying he will not give refuge to those found guilty of graft.

"Baba has "ostensible and apparent authority" from HE Uhuru @WehliyeMohamed @DonaldBKipkorir @makaumutua," wrote the lawyer.

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In a statement by his spokesperson, Dennis Onyango, Odinga maintained that the war on corruption has his full backing and he was firmly in support of the President's plan.

“In line with his (Odinga's) agreement with the President, he will deny refuge to those accused of corruption, and who try to hide behind parties and communities when they are accused,” stated Onyango.

The former Prime Minister gave the statement shortly after meeting a delegation of Kikuyu elders to heal the rifts that emerged after last year’s General Election.

The elders expressed appreciation for his decision to join hands with President Kenyatta for the unity of the country and further asked him to fight corruption and eliminate suspicion among communities.

Speculation surrounding the famous handshake has refused to go away as some leaders have expressed concern that Odinga is eyeing something in 2022.

Last month, Odinga insisted that his energy was directed at uniting Kenyans and bringing about reforms through his pact with the Head of State.

He appealed to Kenyans to refuse any form of political distraction and instead remain focused on the key agenda he and Uhuru had set in the ‘Building Bridges’ project.

This came after Senate Minority Leader James Orengo said the former premier was still their best bet in the next General Election.

“Some people are saying Raila should retire, but we firmly believe he has not accomplished his goal,” Orengo was quoted as saying.

He later stated that he had a right to voice his opinion and should not be castigated.

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