William Ruto Launches Kenya's First Sessional Paper on National Land Use Policy

  • Deputy President William Ruto on Tuesday launched Kenya's first ever Sessional Paper on National Land Use at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC).

    In the ceremony organised by Lands Ministry Cabinet Secretary Farida Karoney and her team, DP Ruto noted that the policy document would go a long way to enhance planning and promote equitable utilization of land in Kenya.

    "The land use system is meant to meet our biggest challenges, including food insecurity, unplanned settlements, inefficient land practices, environmental degradation and enable us to mitigate the impacts of climate change.

    "The National Land Use Policy is a product of wide, comprehensive, patient, diligent and inclusive deliberation and consultation. It will address the various interests involved in all matters connected with land," he noted.

    [caption caption="CS Farida Karoney presents National Land Use Policy document to DP Ruto"][/caption]

    The DP went on to outline that the Sessional Paper No 1 of 2017 on The National Land Use Policy would bring dignity to all citizens and contribute to building the economy.

    "For people, ownership of and access to land has strong implications for dignity, capability and the sense of inclusion. Land has important cultural, political, social and economic outcomes.

    "The Policy is a key pillar in the realisation of 500,000 affordable housing units, food security, universal healthcare and manufacturing, which form the Big Four.

    "It conforms to Vision 2030 and will catalyse the transformation of land-based sectors of our economy," the DP explained.

    CS Karoney added that the document would provide a legal, administrative, institutional and technological framework for optimal use and productivity of land in a sustainable way.

    "This policy calls for the allocation of lands and issuance of titles on the basis of approved physical development plans.

    "It further advocates for an audit and mapping out of the number and location of informal settlements and provide security of tenure," she stated.

    [caption caption="DP Ruto giving his address during the launch of the National Land Use Policy document"][/caption]