Speaker Beatrice Elachi in Near Fistfight Over Ksh150 Million House Tender

  • Differences between Nairobi Speaker Beatrice Elachi and Clerk Jacob Ngwele over a Ksh150 million House tender escalated into a near fist fight on Thursday.

    According to reports, the two were led to a private corridor away from the full glare of journalists at City Hall after they confronted each other over the issues.

    "Why are you destroying my career? Why do you want to ruin my life? why should you try to embarrass me?" Ngwele asked Elachi.

    "Don’t raise your voice at me. We shall give you time to defend yourself. You should not raise your voice at me," Elachi replied.

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    The clerk claimed Elachi had a personal interest in the Ksh150 million tender for the acquisition of the speaker's residence further alleging one of her close relatives was tipped to be awarded.

    "Our fights are purely grounded on a failed business scheme. She is now trying to find ways to fight back with the belief that having me out will help her," Ngwele stated.

    On her part, Elachi maintained she had nothing to hide regarding the house in question and challenged Ngwele to investigate the issue.

    Elachi stated: "The process of tendering for the speaker’s residence was made public and I am not afraid of being investigated on this. Let him involve even the DCI. He can as well take the media to the residence to see for themselves."

    Trouble started after Elachi invited the DCI to probe multiple cases of alleged financial malpractice at the Nairobi assembly.

    She further wrote to the DCI on grounds of having discovered many cases of financial malpractice, including illegal procurement that was done by the Office of the Clerk.

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    The plan for acquiring a speaker's residence was launched in 2017 in line with regulations set by the Salary and Remuneration Commission (SRC). At the time, SRC directed all 47 counties to stop paying rent for the speakers and instead build or acquire houses for them.