Details of Uhuru's Big 4 Plan to Build 500,000 Housing Units by 2022

  • Details have emerged on how a project by the government meant to provide 500,000 decent, affordable housing units by 2022 will be undertaken.

    The project, which was announced by President Uhuru Kenyatta as part of his 'Big 4' agenda for his second term, is expected to break ground at Park Road, Nairobi in July 2018.

    The project delivery and finance framework overview released by the government offers several insights into what to expect from it.

    It outlines four levels of housing types but only three are under focus in the program.

    The middle to high income range will cater to Kenyans earning between Sh50,000 to Sh99,000.

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    Low cost will be for those earning between Sh15,000 to Sh49,000 while social covers those with a monthly income of between Sh0 to Sh14,900.

    Under the affordable housing plan, a bedsitter will cost a maximum of Sh800,000 to purchase and Sh1 million for a 2 bedroom while a 3 bedroom unit will cost Sh2 million.

    In social, the maximum selling price will be Sh600,000 for a 1 bedroom and Sh1million for a 2 bedroom unit.

    The first lot covered in the 2017/18 financial year includes Park Road (1,640 units), Makongeni (20,000 units), Shauri Moyo ( 5,300 units), Starehe (3,500 units), Mavoko (5,500 units), Social Housing (15,000 units), Counties (48,000 units) and Nairobi county (67,8000 units).

    Lot two in the 2018/19 financial year will see development on government land in Mavoko, Portland Athi River, Mombasa 1, Eldoret 1, Cooperatives 2, private developers 2, civil servants 2, police 2, Nairobi regeneration and counties.

    Lot three for FY 2019/20 covers Nakuru 1, Kisumu 1, Eldoret, Portland Athi River 2, cooperative 3, private developers 3, civil servants 3, police 3, redevelopment of Nairobi old estates and counties.

    The fourth and fifth lot will see the development of the next phases of lot three.

    Questions remain on how the houses will be allocated given that employers and employees will have to contribute towards a new statutory housing fund to be established backing the project.

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