Jaswant Rai Speaks on His Involvement in Sugar Import Saga

  • Jaswant Rai, the chairman of Rai Group and western Kenya Sugar Companies has come out to speak about his involvement in the allegations of contraband sugar import into the country.

    Speaking to NTV, he agreed with National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale’s remarks that his company had imported 86 tonnes of sugar, he, however, refuted that this was done illegally.

    He further indicated that his companies had resulted to importing the large portions after a 2017 gazette notice following inadequacy of sugar in the country.

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    “We have imported the sugar legally following all the due processes according to the law,” Rai stated.

    “Whatever we imported through subsidiary companies was dully accounted for in the port of Mombasa, it was cleared through customs, all due revenue paid, port charges we paid and we had approval from the sugar directorate and Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS),” he states.

    The business mogul accused Duale of harboring a personal vendetta against his business.

    “Honorable Aden Duale is only targeting my companies. In his interview, his list had several pages and he only chose to highlight the ones affiliated to me leaving out those owned by others.”

    According to Rai, of the 1 million tonnes of sugar imported in 2017, he only accounts for about 18% of that.

    “Having this knowledge into account one has to wonder who is being protected by Duale," he posed.

    The tycoon continued that he has the relevant documents to support his remarks and he is ready to table them to the parliamentary committee if he is called upon.

    He further explained that was the reason why the sugar bags were confiscated in his warehouses.

    “Those bags were made in Kenya, ‘not for sale’ were printed on them to ensure that no single bag was sold back into the market,” he stated.

    The Rai Group is a multi-billion limited which transverses East African region in trade activities.

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