Kenya's Trending Topics on July 17, 2018

  • The World Emoji Day was marked on Tuesday with a special report provided by the Google Trends platform showing the most widely used emoji.

    The hashtag #WorldEmojiDay also topped trends on Twitter as netizens engaged in various discussions concerning the topic.

    According to Google, the grinning face with big eyes emoji was the number one used emoji daily all over the world.

    The beaming face with smiling eyes emoji was the second most used emoji followed by rolling on the floor laughing emoji.

    Here is an infographic of the results from Google.

    [caption caption="Google infographic showing most popular emojis in the world since July 17, 2017"][/caption]

    Milimani/ Kenya Power

    The Milimani Law Courts trended on Tuesday after a report on a blackout that took place during the bail hearing of former Kenya Power bosses.

    The unfortunate incident caused a buzz on social media as commentators bashed the lighting company for what they termed as sloppiness.

    The company, however, released an official statement distancing itself from the incident.

    According to the Kenya Power team, the power outage was caused by faulty wiring within the building, not an interruption of supply on their end. 

    Here are some of the posts that were shared.


    The hashtag was initiated in solidarity with the journalist who exposed the racism within the ranks of the Chinese contractors building the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR).

    Public outrage was sparked as a number of reactions from the story seemed to accuse the journalist of misrepresenting the facts.

    Here are some of the posts that were shared.