Esther Passaris Calls for Building of Shelters For Homeless People

  • Nairobi Woman representative Esther Passaris on Tuesday visited Kibera slums where demolitions were ongoing.

    Accompanied by ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna, Passaris advocated for the strengthening of social structures in Nairobi by establishing shelters as a mediation strategy to the temporary homelessness caused by the forced evictions.

    She stated that the affected residents needed to be compensated and the evictions carried out in a humane manner.

    "The government needs to now invest in shelters. This country has a very poor social structure. If we had shelters we would be able to move people to the shelters for two to three months while we move them to other places," she explained.

    [caption caption="The demolitions at Kibera on 23/7/2018"][/caption]

    Passaris added that her office was looking to help the women and children affected by the demolitions noting that they were sleeping in the cold.

    "We have little in our disaster fund but I'm going to try and shift some funds because I've heard a lot of the women asking for blankets for their children," she promised.

    The legislator further appealed to the road construction companies to involve the Kibera youth in the projects so as to provide employment for them.

    Echoing her sentiments, Sifuna stated that the affected residents were entitled to some form of compensation.

    "The residents have been peaceful are not opposed to the road project because there was a resettlement action plan to allow people to find an alternative settlement.

    "It is a betrayal of trust from the government side for them to come in the wee hours and demolish it. We condemn this act," he stated.

    Earlier in July, Thousands of Kibera residents were given a 12-day eviction notice to allow construction of Ngong Road-Kibera-Kung'u Karumba-Lang'ata link road.

    Here is the video courtesy of KTNNews: