Betty Kyalo Resigns From KTN

  • Celebrated KTN News news presenter Betty Kyalo has reportedly resigned from the Standard Media Group.

    Sources at the Standard have intimated that Betty has quit the Station to join rival media house toppling further the top talent-strapped media house.

    The high profile-anchor has been reporting to duty while keeping here exit plan as a top secret.

    [caption caption="KTN News anchor Betty Kyallo (PHOTO/COURTESY)"][/caption]

    She had been working on leaving notice.

    Betty's exit will further dent KTN after they lost Yvonne Okwara, Joe Ageyo and Mashirima Kapombe to Royal Media's Citizen TV.

    According to local business news site Business Today, Betty is set to join Media Max LTD  in a bid to grow their K24 numbers.

    In the recent days, presenters Zindzi Kibiku and Akisa Wandera have been the news hour personalities as Betty prepared to leave the 24-hour news channel.

    At K24, Betty is expected to pair up with Richard Kagoe for the station's English bulletin.

    K24's viewership has been in the decline, with its ratings dropping over the years to below top five stations in Kenya.

    The station trails Inooro TV, a vernacular television station.

    Away from the screens, Betty runs a business along Lenana Road. She is the CEO at Flair, a beauty shop offering executive and gorgeous hairstyles, nails and fresh barber cuts for ladies and men.[caption caption="Former KTN journalists Betty Kyallo and Dennis Onsarigo (PHOTO/INSTAGRAM)"][/caption]