80-year-old Grandmother Who Fixes Cars Sound Systems

  • 80-year-old Cecilia Wangare, who is the owner of Shosh Sound Systems, has created a great reputation among her clients as she helps fix their cars. 

    She mentions that she is now accustomed to her new status as "an internet sensation" something she finds interesting considering she has been installing and repairing sound systems in cars for the last three decades. 

    According to the Standard, Cecilia is not a typical grandmother as she not only listens to modern music but also speaks slang.

    [caption caption="Cecilia Wangare,80, replacing a faulty sound system in a car at her shop in Kariobangi"][/caption] 

    Speaking during her interview, she divulged that she opens her shop, in which she has four workers including her grandson Samson Kamau, at 8 am daily and closes when the day's work is done. 

    She added that occasionally, she goes to Nairobi CBD to purchase spare parts. 

    Her customer base is not only limited to Nairobi as one of her employees has set up another shop in Kisumu. 

    According to her grandson, the returns from their everyday work are quite decent: "At the end of the day, we are assured of getting something."

    Cecilia further explained that fixing sound systems in vehicles is more than just a way of earning a living adding that it is fun and fulfilling. 

    She notes that she has trained and employed many young people over the years. 

    Wangari narrates that by the time she settled at her current job, she had tried out on many others following the death of her husband, living her to fend for her daughter, Mary Wambui

    "I sold vegetables in Parklands and Kibera. I have tried so many businesses, I cannot even count. I have also operated a supermarket," she revealed.

    [caption caption="Ms Cecilia Wangare"][/caption]