Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu Advocates for Abstinence

  • Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu has advised high school girls to remain virgins until they attain the age of 26 and have completed school.

    Cautioning girls against engaging in "grown-up activities", the justice told the St Martha’s Mwitoti Secondary School in Mumias girls that they will avoid pitfalls if they follow the word of advice.

    "It is possible to get married at the age of 26 years and still be a virgin.

    "At your age, sex is too dangerous. It could easily lead to pregnancy because your hormones are raging. Avoid drugs and immorality because that’s a path to permanent destruction," she warned.

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    The judge acknowledged that times have changed since she was a teenager assuring the girls that in marriage they would be able to engage in the activities as a legal requirement.

    "At that time, you will not have the luxury of saying 'No' because it is a right in every marriage," she stated.

    She further asked the girls to wait until they have gainful employment to settle down in accordance with the changing times.

    "It is not automatic that all of you will marry rich men to cater for your needs.

    "Married women who do not bring anything to the table are not respected by their spouses and this is often a cause of marital problems.

    "Working hard would give you financial freedom, which will help you become a self-sufficient citizen that everyone would admire," she advised.

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